Hello there!

My name is Xin Wei, and I'm a software engineer living in San Jose, CA. I love creating simple, clean designs for web and mobile, and use the latest web technologies to craft responsive and user-friendly websites.

Feel free to check out some of my works on my portfolio, or follow me on linkedin and facebook.

My Work

I’m currently a software engineer at Trapit, a startup company in Palo Alto, CA that specializes in personalized content discovery applications.

My current weapons of choice include various modern Javascript MVC Frameworks, (Backbone, Ember, and AngularJs), Socket.IO, RequireJs, NodeJs, HTML5/CSS3, and Javascript templating frameworks like Underscore and Handlebars. Of course I also enjoy coding with server-side languages like PHP, C++, and Java.


UCLA Class of 2013
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science & Engineering
Minor in Computational and Systems Biology
Cumulative GPA 3.6, Major GPA 3.5