Hello there!

My name is Xin Wei, and I'm a software engineer living in San Jose, CA. I love creating simple, clean designs for web and mobile, and use the latest web technologies to craft responsive, interactive and user-friendly websites.

San Jose · San Francisco · Web Developer · Software Engineer · Entrepreneur

My Work

I'm currently a software engineer at Trapit, a spin-off of SRI International that uses artifical intelligence for content discovery and curation.

My current weapons of choice include various modern Javascript MVC Frameworks (Backbone, Ember, Angular), Facebook React, Socket.IO, Express, and a variety of workflow tools like Grunt/Gulp, Underscore, Jade (templating language), jQuery, ES6 Harmony, and Jasmine (testing framework). Of course I also enjoy coding server-side languages like Node, PHP, C++, and Java.

Hobbies and Interests

In my free time, I enjoy learning new languages, reading Hacker News, solving Javascript puzzles, helping out fellow developers on Stack Overflow, and spending hours on Reddit (too addicting).

But don't worry, I also spend plenty of time not near a computer as well! I enjoy hanging out with friends (food adventures, movies, music concerts, hiking, game nights), traveling to different states and countries, and going to various entrepreneurial/tech meet-ups in San Francisco (a good way to learn what other cool startups are doing)! And oh yes I love food adventures ... did I mention that already?


UCLA Class of 2013
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science & Engineering
Cumulative GPA 3.6, Major GPA 3.5